The level of competition is rising daily. Whether you work in software development for SEO or marketing, you must concentrate on offering services that address your client's needs if you want to outperform your rivals. Now suppose you are developing SEO software. 

Users using SEO software encounter several of these problems. Therefore, the easiest method to address them is to incorporate APIs while developing SEO software that effortlessly addresses or resolves the issues. In this piece, we'll go through what an API is, how it's used, and which APIs are the most widely used by custom android app development services for creating SEO software.

Standard APIs For Developing SEO Software

Choosing the best APIs to incorporate into your SEO software can be challenging, so we've compiled a list of some of the most well-liked APIs you can use instead.

1. DataForSEO Trends on Google

DataForSEO You can find out via Google Trends how frequently a keyword is looked for over a given period. With this tool, we may conduct a search based on worldwide patterns, or, if you like, you can be very specific about a locality. The Google Trends API also supports responses in the XML and HTML forms; however, all responses are returned in JSON format by default. 

Google servers receive calls from the API and respond with the requested parameters. The most frequently asked factors are region, time interest, trending searches, related topics, top charts, and keyword suggestions.

Without Google trends, conducting the study would take a lot of time; therefore, using DataForSEO's Google trends API would allow you to save your SEO software users a significant amount of time.

2. DeepCrawl API

The second API on the list, DeepCrawl, assists in completing complete website crawls, gathering the data, and sending it to the client. Your hired Android app development company can also get a tonne of technical SEO data for the website.

DeepCrawl API has a number of these features. You would not integrate this API by employing any third-party supplier to assist you in getting data without creating code. To integrate your scripts with this API, you would need to connect them. The best feature of this API is that they provide reliable data for better results, making it simple to execute a live crawl on your or your customers' websites.

3. API for Google Search Console

The Google Search Console API gathers information on search volumes, query ranks, click and impression metrics, and more. There are numerous ways to integrate this API with your website or SEO software. Additionally, you can easily create unique script routes for this API. 

One of the most significant benefits of integrating this API is receiving access to Search console data over the previous 16 months.

4. SEMrush API

Several applications for the SEMrush API include keyword data collecting, domain overviews, keyword data for organic searches, and more. Users can use any simple to a complex way to retrieve the data with ease. Because of an excellent mobile apps company, they would thus be able to gather the data and store it in a CSV file.

5. Majestic SEO API

Majestic SEO API is your best choice if you want to incorporate backlink data collection functions into your SEO software. Using this API, you can obtain a list of backlinks for a domain or particular page. You can pass a URL request without specific authentication to integrate this API with your SEO software. It would help to choose a plan based on your needs since this API is not free.

6. Ahrefs API

Ahrefs API is another choice for your iOS developer freelancer gathering backlink information. They recently made their API available to users, and it is packed with the most recent integrations to support you. It will swiftly integrate and return the necessary data in JSON format. This concerns some of the most well-liked APIS for creating SEO software. 

Last Words

Still, believe that your SEO software won't help you outperform your rivals? You must not. Your clients will adore your software if you make their lives simple with the aid of these most popular APIs integrated into your SEO software. Just contact AppStudio, and our experienced professionals will take care of everything.